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WELLA - Artists At Play

Last Monday Jack was invited to present two looks for

'Artists At Play';

an event organised by Wella which allowed artists (like Jack) to pass on their knowledge to other creative hairdressers. Alongside artists from salons: Ella and Jade, Rokstar, Toni and Guy, Horse Meat Disco and Minogue Hairdressing. Jack spent Monday morning prepping for the evening ahead.

Jack acknowledged that our world is becoming more and more of a surreal mix of fact and fantasy. Trends in online gaming, technology like VR & Drones, draw parallels with movie franchises such as Marvel and DC; as well as global pop-culture super festivals like comic-con or Supanova (which was coincidentally was on in Brisbane last weekend!).

The concept for Jack's presentation dissected the strong identities & characterisations within the aforementioned areas and adapted a fictional approach to creating hair and a total look that is fashion relevant, individual, and innovative in its methods.

During a random brainstorm convo with Jack last week, I realised when we are looking at these fictional characters found in gaming/comics etc. we get a sense of 'who they are' often from their appearance. Though as a society (me included) we frown upon "judging a book by its cover" , we generally rely on the visual depiction of these characters to give us insight into who they are. I guess what I'm trying to say is, characters in fictional world's often only have their appearance to tell us a story, then it's up to us to fill in the blanks.

You get me? Picking up what I'm putting down? *fingers crossed*

ANYWAY... The evening was spent at High Church (a cosy venue located in Fortitude Valley), where each artist presented both of their looks. With the champagne *popped*, the night kicked off with a catwalk presentation, where one look from each artist was showcased. The show then continued as artists took to the stage to complete their second look in front of the audience. Following the lead of the lovely Victoria from #Wella (who hosted the evening), each of the stylists conversed with each other, while also sharing the story and techniques behind their looks, with audience members.

'Artists At Play' was more so and opportunity for creative artists to collaborate and hopefully inspire both future up and comers, as well as those with years of experience under their belt!

For more behind the scenes (#bts) head to our Insta and check out the 'artists@play' highlight!!! xxx

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