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A New Face

Welcoming KAYLA ❤️❤️❤️

If you haven't already met the vibrant and lovely KAYLA, she'll be here to welcome you to your next appointment with us. She also makes a decent cuppa! ☕️

Kayla is our salon Intern/Salon Co-Ordinator, responsible for administrative duties including marketing, social media, and just generally managing Jack (he needs a little help some times!). Found in her natural habitat at the front desk, she can be tamed with folk/indie music, rainy weather & an Almond Latté. Not that this #angle needs 'taming'.

Yes, that was spelt incorrectly on purpose. thx.

Kayla has moved from the Sunshine Coast and is starting her Bachelor of Creative Industries in 2019 at #QUT. That means that all the cool stuff you see uploaded - yep - it's probably her. (we'll stick to making your hair look fabulous) #TechnologicallyChallenged

Don't worry, we won't set her ✂️ loose on your locks. ✂️

***edit: that would make some interesting reality television though***

She's not here to do hair. She's here to help make your experience even more wonderful!

Is there something you think we should be doing that we're not already? Send Kayla an email at

We might even send you a little pressie!


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